Monday, November 7, 2011

Wham Glam, Thank You Ma'am

WHAM GLAM, THANK YOU MA'AM:  He really was the man who fell to Earth and gave us Earthlings a dose of glitter, glam and a third gender that we're still trying to figure out.  David Bowie broke both social and rock 'n roll boundaries back in the 1970s with his physical, musical and fashion gender-bending -- having crossed every musical border from rock and pop to Jacques Brel cabaret, blue-eyed soul, funk and electronica.  Thankfully, Japanese photographer and cinematographer Masayoshi Sukita was along for the decades-long ride and captured Bowie from every angle and in all of his various personas from Ziggy Stardust onward.  Forty years of iconic and unseen photos by Sukita are now ready for viewing in the upcoming limited-edition (2,000 worldwide) book Speed of Life from Genesis Publications in England which will be signed by Bowie and Sukita (shown here above leafing through images from the book).
Images copyright Masayoshi Sukita, courtesy Genesis Publications