Saturday, November 26, 2011

Color Me Fabulous: Marco Pelusi

COLOR ME FABULOUS: MARCO PELUSI -- Stacy Keibler.  Eva La Rue.  Carol Alt. These ladies know how to rock the red carpet for sure.  When it comes to looking hot for the cameras, these sizzling stars start at the top -- and that is where Marco Pelusi comes in.  In the relaxed hideaway setting of his West Hollywood studio, Pelusi performs his special brand of magic as a globally-renowned hair color authority -- but perhaps that is too technical of a term for this true artist who knows so much about the subject that he created his own line of Collagen Color GuardTM products to protect and enhance the fabulous looks that he gives his star clientele.  Having literally grown up in the beauty industry through his family's chain of 15 upscale salons on the East Coast, Pelusi just naturally fell in love with color and soon became a top educator at one of the world's renowned hair coloring companies based in Milan, Italy.  While there, he worked with chemists to create hair color products, plus he developed a hair color education curriculum as well as leading international teams that introduced hair color trends to some of the world's best salons.  Nowadays, when not found in his own studio, Pelusi can be seen on stage at national beauty shows as a "platform artist" demonstrating his amazing techniques to peers in the industry (and Aloxxi is his only hair color of choice!).  Having been recognized for "Best Hair Color in Los Angeles" by Fox 11 television station and as one of the "Top 40 Hair Colorists" in the U.S. in 2011 by Beauty Entertainment magazine, Pelusi loves to share his talents, cultivate creativity in the beauty industry as well as motivate others to hone their own hair-coloring skills -- and that is what having style is all about!
Photo of Marco Pelusi in action by Greg Firlotte