Saturday, November 5, 2011

Bedtime Stories

BEDTIME STORIES:  Artist Alix Soubiran readily admits that she is a daydreamer and a storyteller.  And for this she credits her grandfather -- a celebrated French author -- whose beautiful old house in the 16th arrondissement in Paris provided a magical and fascinating setting that she and her sister would explore with its labyrinth of books and its scenic wallpapers -- something she would always remember in great detail.  In 2008 when Soubiran founded Princes & Crows, it provided her an artistic outlet to draw upon her childhood memories to create wallpapers for children's rooms -- in addition to wallpapers in other decorative styles inspired by historical motifs and exotic destinations.  But it was the children's wallpapers that caught our eye at Studio of Style, so full of color and whimsy, always bringing her own touch of "sophisticated fantasy" to each design.  The palette is soft and timeless, the scale is just right, the themes are evocative of all that is wonderful and playful in childhood.  Looking at these designs makes me want to jump into bed, pull the blankets up around me and read lots and lots of story books!