Saturday, November 26, 2011

Let the Music Play: Hélène Grimaud

LET THE MUSIC PLAY: HELENE GRIMAUD -- Where does one begin to describe the immeasurable talent that is Hélène Grimaud?  Just listen.  Never mind that she once showed up at rehearsal wearing a white "wifebeater" or having apologized to a reporter for smelling like "deer meat" during their interview.  Just listen.  And never mind that a spat between her and legendary conductor Claudio Abbado over the choice of a coda for Mozart's Piano Concerto #23 resulted in canceled joint appearances for the two in London and Lucerne.  Just listen.  And never mind that she'd much rather be with her beloved wolves (yes, kids, wolves!!) than on a concert stage when given the chance.  Just listen.  Having put out 20 CDs (!!)  from age 15 to age 42, Grimaud is nothing short of amazing, no matter what she does or likes offstage or off the record.  Passionate, unpredicatable, exciting.  This is why Grimaud is on our Super Style list! We dare you to listen and not be moved in one way or another:
Main portrait and LP images courtesy Deutsche Grammophon