Monday, April 7, 2014

"How to Be a Great Beauty" by Legendary Julie Newmar -- Live in L.A. on May 3rd

"HOW TO BE A GREAT BEAUTY" BY LEGENDARY JULIE NEWAR -- LIVE IN L.A. ON MAY 3rd -- There are very few women in Hollywood nowadays who are true living legends....and luckily for those of us here in Los Angeles, we'll be able to see one of the legendary beauties of stage, screen and television who'll be making a live appearance on Saturday, May 3rd at Goo Salon on North Fairfax Avenue. Julie Newmar has captivated us with her stunning looks, her lithe and leggy figure and her distinctive style of acting since she burst onto the scene at age 19 on Broadway. And all along the way, she has garnered a huge and devoted following (Studio of Style among them!) who just can't seem to get enough about her via her website or her blog Julie Newmar Writes. So it's practically a requirement for all us Julie fans to be on hand at Goo to hear her speak on -- what else? -- but "How to Be a Great Beauty." It's her first-ever appearance for this, so you'll get tips and advice first-hand from the legend herself! How fabulous is that, we ask? Says Ms. Newmar, "What is it to be a great beauty? And when is someone most beautiful? Let's discover answers together on how to be a great beauty -- even though you think you're not one." Now that is an invitation that one cannot refuse! Topics covered will include: Image ("By seeing the inherent beauty, intelligence and mastery in others, they will see it in you," says Ms. Newmar.); Voices ("You can't be beautiful if you don't sound beautiful."); Body ("Lift it -- give your head something to balance on...then breathe and smile."); Makeup (lots of tips and tricks!); Light ("All the great stars know where their light is coming from, no matter where they are."); Fashion ("The clothes don't enter the do."); and much more ("If you don't have a three-way mirror, you shouldn't go out in public -- under any circumstances."). Wow! We LOVE this advice already! And on hand on at the May 3rd event will be Molly Scargall, a Vidal Sassoon-trained visionary and owner and founder of Goo who started the salon 15 years ago which has become a colorful fixture on the L.A. beauty scene. So, we'll see you there!!

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Goo Salon, 459 1/2 N. Fairfax Avenue, Los Angeles (323) 653-1299
Story written by Greg Firlotte / photo of Ms. Newmar seated by Harry Langdon