Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Go-To Man: Nik Meller

THE GO-TO MAN:  A "ghost in the machinery of design" is what Nik Meller likes to think that he and his company NIKMEL is. And he’s right.  He’s practically invisible to you and me.  But to the trendsetters and tastemakers in the architecture and design world, he’s the man that they go to when they need their furniture design “developed.”  Ok, say you have a great idea for a chair, or a sofa or a lamp or a clever bookcase, but you need hand renderings, elevations, computer  renderings and so on to get it made. That’s where Meller comes in.  With more than 400 projects around the world  using his 12,000+ developed products, he’s the kind of person you want to make you look good.  Been to Wynn Las Vegas...or Wynn Macau?  The Montage in Beverly Hills?  Well, you’ve certainly been to the Peninsula in New York City.  You’ve no doubt sat on, slept on, ate on or relaxed on pieces developed by Meller.  But the kudos go to the superstar designers and architects that commission him.  “I have to smile when I flip through magazines,” says Meller, “or walk through hotels or design showrooms and recognize the items I’ve worked on.”  Having been educated at both the Rudolf Steiner School (Waldorf School) in New York City and the Munich International School in Germany, he has met a lot of great artists and designers along the way who have inspired him to continue his love of furniture design.  Upon moving to Los Angeles in 1995, Meller honed his skills at several prominent furniture design companies before launching his own firm in 2005.  Client by client, chair by chair, his reputation began to spread around the globe and in 2008 crystal glass design was added to his services.  “The industry I’m in is not so much about design as it is about the personalities and their needs and creating pieces for them that generate a buzz and excitement in the press and with their clients,” Meller points out.  So behind the scenes is where he is happy to remain, providing his best to the best in the business.
Photo of Meller by Greg Firlotte