Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Glass Man

THE GLASS MAN:  High atop a hill in western North Carolina, John Geci creates his distinct glass pieces in a studio he built in 2007.  From there he produces the vividly colored "Eclipse" bowls, "Lecca Lecca" bottles, "Manta Ray" vases, "Fishnet" vases and "Bubble Orb" vases -- pieces that he considers as "static motion."  And we agree that Geci has indeed captured the liquid beauty of molten glass at precisely the right moment -- especially the "Twisty Cane" Eclipse bowls with their swirling canes motifs which create strong graphic statements.  Studio of Style became aware of Geci some time ago when Jamie and John Adler of the Phyllis Morris showroom in West Hollywood, California saw Geci's items at a crafts fair and paid a visit to his hilltop studio.  They immediately shipped bowls and vases back to their showroom -- where you can purchase them for holiday giving or to enhance your own home decor.  The Geci website shows pics of the artist making these colorful, fascinating pieces.