Tuesday, August 10, 2021


NEW OLD SCHOOL POETRY: "GILDED SUMMER" BY GREGORY JOSEPH FIRLOTTE -- It's OG and Maine-born poet Gregory Joseph Firlotte is proud of it. With this -- his second tome of poetry -- the 74 poems in Gilded Summer depict another place, another world, another time. With subjects ranging from the natural settings of meadows, fields, woodlands, the coast, flowers and being at a lakeside camp to inner worlds where love, hope and dreams reside, these poems create a landscape of emotions and visions that often venture into surreal and metaphysical realms in depicting summertime from a bygone era -- alluding to a time known as the Gilded Age leading into America's twentieth century. The effects of the Gilded Age on society, the arts, fashion, entertainment and lavish lifestyles spilled over into the start of this new century like a lingering dream that was too fragile, too ethereal to last for long. It is this "in-between" time period that has always fascinated the author -- a result of hearing the many stories of his maternal grandmother when he was a young boy -- inspiring him to create these poems in a flowing stream of consciousness blend of the dreamlike and timeless. Throughout are vintage black and white photographs from the author's collection that complement many of the poems, capturing the feeling, places and geography of New England environs which are integral components of Firlotte's romantic style. And along this poetic journey, the New England landscape eventually transforms into one from ancient Greece in the book's final poem "At the Table of the Muses." Firlotte is hoping that the poems and images in Gilded Summer might convince the reader that time travel really does exist – and if not forever, then perhaps it just might exist for at least a few hazy, sun-filled hours or a candlelit night somewhere between here and one's dreams. It's cool to be Old School. Available in paperback or ebook.

Get this book: https://www.amazon.com/Gilded-Summer-Poetry-Gregory-Firlotte/dp/B0948JWX4V

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