Thursday, November 10, 2011

Forever Frederick's!

FOREVER FREDERICK'S:  Starlets in Hollywood should be praying nightly to Frederick MellingerEver since he came onto the scene in 1947 with his sexy bras, breasts in Tinsletown have never looked the same.  The famous “Rising Star” push-up bra he created in 1948 pushed those fleshy globes to new heights and every women could be perky and proud regardless of what really laid beneath.  The “Missiles” and the “Cadillac” became the company’s bestselling bras -- launching the term “rocket boobs” into pop culture lingo forever.  Mellinger’s colorful, camp lingerie catalogs are still hot collectibles that are quickly snatched up by those who can’t get enough of those dazzingly different ensembles that still have no equal to this day.  His look embodied a style that would forever be called  “the Hollywood look” -- and rightfully so. Even the bra-burning demonstrations by the woman libbers of the 1970s in front of his Hollywood Boulevard store couldn’t dampen his spirit for creating even more sexier garments.  Mellinger gave the world the thong in 1981 -- going from breasts to buns -- and women could now turn the other cheek in style.  Hooray for Hollywood indeed!