Friday, November 25, 2011

Once Upon A Star: Natalie Wood

ONCE UPON A STAR: NATALIE WOOD -- Was it all a dream?  Was she always the prettiest girl in the room and we never realized it until the dream was over? When Natalia Nikolaevna Zacharenko became Natalie Wood and made her official acting debut just before turning five years old in 1943's Happy Land, the dream was only beginning --not only for the young Natalie, but for all the world who would watch her grow up before their eyes into one of the most ravishing beauties to ever grace the silver screen.  We gave her our hearts, because she always wore her heart on her sleeve, never being able to conceal her joy, her anger, her pride, her sadness.  Her eyes said it all -- and all you had to do was look into those dreamy brown eyes and the story unfolded. And when the girl became a full-fledged woman, she blossomed, growing and glowing ever more with each new year.  And on that dreadful Sunday in November 1981 when her lifeless body was found, there was a collective broken heart around the world.  The dream was over all too soon, it seemed.  There will never be another Natasha quite like her to love and adore as our very own.