Saturday, November 26, 2011

Making Scents: DayNa Decker

MAKING SCENTS: DAYNA DECKER -- The flower-filled fields of Grasse, France are a far cry from the face-paced runways found in the world's fashion capitals -- but for former Ford agency model DayNa Decker, the fascination with scents and perfume and the mystique and technology behind them proved even more glamorous than treks down the catwalk in designer outfits.   Hailing from a family of entrepreneurs, it was no surprise that Decker would end up mastering the art of perfumery in France and then go on to create her own line of products for the home and body using several of her patented technologies and formulations which have come to separate her from everyone else in the marketplace.  We at Studio of Style can attest to the amazing scents emanating from each and every product -- be it chandels (Decker's innovative evolution of the candle), essence diffusers (Sandalrose!!) or an array of bath and body products (the intoxicating "Viva" is like holding a bouquet of stargazer lilies and is among our favorites!).  Every product is biologically and ecologically friendly inside and out and, with so many new and exotic scents created by Decker to choose from, you might find yourself filling your world with these fabulous fragrances.  And why not?  You'll come up smelling like roses...and night-blooming jasmine...and lotus...and pink peonies!
Photo courtesy DayNa Decker