Sunday, November 20, 2011

Covered In Color

COVERED IN COLOR:  You know how we love color at Studio of Style!  So when we saw the Newlon Collection of wallcoverings by photo artist Richard Bettinger we were tickled pink, yellow, green -- and just about every color! Bettinger has provided a great way to cover your walls (and ceilings!) and brighten up your otherwise dull interiors with this fresh, upbeat collection inspired by an array of natural materials as photographed by the artist and transformed into twelve different patterns -- each offered in five colorways (not to mentioned the ability to do custom colorways or designs inspired by your imagination!) Speaking of imaginative, we love the names assigned to these dazzling patterns such as: Knock-Out Rose; Planet Python; Leonardo's Ladder and Light Shield.  So, follow this simple equation using these Newlon wallcoverings:  Big + Bold + Color = Fabulous!
Images courtesy Newlon Collection / Photo collage by Greg Firlotte