Monday, June 23, 2014

Art World's #1 Muse Joan Quinn is Captured! Los Angeles exhibit Opens June 28

Art World's #1 Muse Joan Quinn is Captured! Los Angeles exhibit to Open June 28, 2014 -- Yes, it's true that Joan Quinn has sat for, posed for, been imagined by, interpreted by and reinvented by more contemporary artists than possibly any living woman. How is that, you ask? Perhaps the best way to answer that question is to be one of the Opening Night attendees at "Joan Quinn Captured" -- a special exhibit of portraits of Ms. Quinn, together with non-portrait works by select artists and an extensive film and public discussion series. The portraits of Quinn provide a link to the vibrant art scene in Los Angeles and around the world from the 1960s through the present day -- offering a glimpse into the many friendships that Quinn established and has maintained over the years. Documentaries and other films pertaining to the artists in this exhibit will screen during the month-long show at the historic Brand Art Center & Library in the L.A. suburb of Glendale -- not to mention clips from Quinn's television shows....and her snapshots, personal correspondence and so much more. And on Saturday the 28th you can see and hear from renowned L.A. artists Tony Berlant, Laddie John Dill and George Herms when they are part of a special panel discussion just prior to the evening reception! You can't miss that, can you? Check out the link below to all of the activities and be part of L.A.'s contemporary art in-crowd...and capture Joan Quinn in your very own way!