Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Sheer Brilliance

SHEER BRILLIANCE:  Sexy. Modern. Sheer. Cashmere. Stretch. Movement.  I say, what more can you ask for?  The Dandelion Maxi Dress, Pink Maxi Tank and the Black Pointelle Maxi Tank shown here are just some of the hot cashmere (yes!) items from Crumpet -- a small, hands-on company started by Zara Juricic that is based in the lush Essex-Suffolk estuary northeast of London, England.  Juricic is passionate about making clothes that women of three generations can wear: cardigans, scarfs, biker jackets, wrapes, cruisewear and more -- plus a collection of tasty menswear as well (we just love the Marilyn Classic Leopard Dress and Leopard Scarf -- all in soft, sumptuous cashmere!!)  The idea of mixing trend with cashmere is a specialty for Juricic -- a passion that began in Nepal years ago where she searched for the finest pashminas to bring back to the UK.  So what will you have with your Crumpet?  Something savoury....or something sweet?