Tuesday, November 15, 2011

It's A Wrap...And So Much More

IT'S A WRAP...AND SO MUCH MORE:  Beverly Hills fashion designer Dori calls her silk chiffon confections "Dori Wraps," but we call them diaphanous -- such is the sensuous, ethereal quality they possess: gossamer in weight, luxurious to the touch, beautifully asymmetrical.  The secret is in how you wear them, in how you carry your body, in how you exude an attitude of complete confidence when you walk into a room and everyone turns their head.  As in all classic fashion from Chanel to Halston, it's all about the draping -- and Dori understands it all too well, having been a runway and fit model for designers in both New York and Los Angeles (not to mention having accompanied her mother, a fashion editor, to couture shows in New York as a young lady).  The kiwi-colored wrap shown here is covered with hundreds of hand-beaded stones in matching color to add subtle sparkle to your ensemble.  What Studio of Style likes best about these wraps is their complete timelessness -- a phrase we use sparingly around here.  One can imagine showing up at a Hollywood premiere, a Manhattan cocktail party, or a dining at the Louix XV restaurant at the Hotel de Paris in Monaco wearing these figure-flattering wraps.  And the best part is that they pack like a handkerchief -- which means you can take them everywhere!