Friday, November 11, 2011

Bright On: Linda Allen

BRIGHT ON: LINDA ALLEN -- Designer Linda Allen is one of those people who light up a room naturally -- and from the first day I met her many years ago, I knew she was someone who I would always want to know, such is the wonderful energy that she emanates whenever she is near.  So it is no surprise that Allen's "Live. Anywhere. Collection" of battery-rechargeable lamps has garnered accolades from all corners of the design world -- including being recognized as a "New Century Design Thought Leader" by Time Inc. and Lincoln Automotive for her accomplishment in bringing indoor/outdoor wireless lamps to the world marketplace.  She is shown here on the set, holding her "Ava" lamp (one of 6 rechargeable lamps).  But it is the humanitarian side of Allen that we at Studio of Style admire -- she is involved with the Dream Light Project, an organization that increases the accessibility to light and provides a way for rural parts of the world to continue to thrive past sunset -- and that includes the use of Allen's lamps in a village in Rwanda.  So it is true to say that she lights up the lives of so many.  Brava! to you, Linda!
Photo courtesy Linda Allen Designs