Monday, March 19, 2012

Making Scents in Venice: Strange Invisible Perfumes

MAKING SCENTS IN VENICE: STRANGE INVISIBLE PERFUMES -- “Pleasure is the flower that passes; remembrance, the lasting perfume," wrote French author Stanislas-Jean, Chevalier de Boufflers in the late 18th century -- and how right he was...and still is!  A great perfume can conjure up memories that last a lifetime.  And botanical perfumer Alexandra Balahoutis is creating fragrant memories at Strange Invisible Perfumes on Abbot Kinney Boulevard in Venice, California through her distinctly unique, bespoke perfumes and eaux de parfum made from organic, wildcrafted, biodynamic and hydro-distilled essences. “Through the gorgeous vapors of botanical perfumery, Strange Invisible Perfumes serves the reality, not the dream, of luxury craftsmanship," says Balahoutis.  And nothing could be more real than the finest plants, flowers, seeds, woods and resin essences that she uses which are from sustainably grown or wildcrafted sources (not to mention the 100% organic alcohol base and eco-friendly packaging!).  The company offers bath and body products, limited edition pure perfumes and will custom-blend a scent especially for you during a private consultation in the "custom blend carriage" at the shop -- with the end result being "a scent that resonates completely with the one person who will be wearing it," says Balahoutis.  A native Angelino, she calls herself a "scent provocateur" and it was during her childhood growing up in the Hollywood Hills with its lush and fragrant year-round vegetation that her love of all things scented blossomed -- and later on in her young life, she contacted master botanical perfumer John Steele who became somewhat of a mentor to Balahoutis, sharing his vast knowledge and love of fragrances with her.  Now that spring is upon us, perhaps you might want to break out of the winter doldrums by adding a fresh, new scent to your sensual arsenal that might just be strange and invisible and create lasting memories of your own.  The scents shown above: Epic Gardenia -- an "impressionist rendering of the flower's humid, velvety scent."  Aquarian Roses -- wild roses mixed with marjoram and sandalwood!  Urban Lily -- a bouquet of flowers that capture the illusive qualities of the lily of the valley. 
Product photos courtesy Strange Invisible Perfumes