Saturday, March 31, 2012

Let's Go: Las Vegas Awaits the Fabulous You!

LET'S GO: LAS VEGAS AWAITS THE FABULOUS YOU -- If there's one place that we at Studio of Style love just as much as Hollywood -- it's Las Vegas!  No matter how many times one goes, there is still even more to see and savor -- and for those who've yet to go to this most unique of American cities, we have this advice for you: Let's go!  You might be thinking, "But Mr. de Ville -- I don't gamble."  And to this we reply: With all the shows, attractions, shopping and amazing dining at every turn, you'll be just as busy as any high roller.  So we're gonna give you a couple of pointers -- even if you have been there before, you just might have missed some of these, okay?  First of all -- where to stay?  Well, we've been at numerous hotels (and we loved every one of them), so just think about proximity to your entertainment and attractions and you'll figure it out.  One dining opportunity we never miss is Wolfgang Puck's Postrio located on St. Mark's Square in the Venetian Hotel.  First of all, you get to sit on the square and watch the gondolas go by -- and we are in love with the roasted pumpkin agnolotti with black truffle butter, toasted hazelnuts, Parmesan cheese and sage (!!) and the lobster club sandwich with apple wood smoked bacon (!!).  Afterward, we love to do our retail therapy at The Forum Shops at Caesar's Palace where we always duck into Versace to check out what's new from Donatella and company. Or you can just simply marvel at the architecture, the fountains and sunrise-to-sunset lighting effects at The Forum and feel a bit European for a while.  Later, just for fun, when we can't help ourselves and want to overindulge, we chow down on one of the local food attractions: the footlong hot dog at (where else?) Footlong Hot Dogs at the Food Court at Casino Royale -- at $1.99 for 12 inches of guilty pleasure. If that works up a thirst, you can head for the Luxor Hotel to get one heckuva cocktail at Tacos & Tequila (T&T) where the signature margarita is made with Hornitos A├▒ejo 100% de Agave Tequila, organic agave nectar and Grand Marnier -- all served on the rocks with a rim of the house salt mixture. And we never tire of the fabulous Egyptian-themed decor at Luxor -- especially in the grand lobby. For all of us art lovers (before you take in the amazing Fountains at Bellagio), there is the new exhibit "Claude Monet: Impressions of Light" at the Bellagio Hotel that runs through January 2013 where you can revel in 20 (!) works by this French master -- plus works by Pissarro, Corot and Boudin.  Long before social media and the internet (can you imagine that?), places like Las Vegas used to be promoted via travel posters -- and the king of that genre was illustrator David Klein (who we'll be featuring in upcoming posts, okay?).  During the 1950s and 1960s, Klein created dozens of posters for TWA (Howard Hughes' Trans World Airlines) and this stunning "night into day" poster shown above is among our many favorites depicting the exciting days of travel from decades past when people actually dressed up to fly and the great graphics by Klein excited people to do just that.  So, when it comes to Las Vegas and the many attractions it has to offer, you just can't lose!