Monday, March 12, 2012

Art + Fashion at A+D = Celebrate: The Wearable

ART + FASHION AT A+D = CELEBRATE: THE WEARABLE -- The "Metamorphosis" steel butterfly wings and vacuum-formed black leather dress by West Hollywood architect/designer Gulla Jonsdottir (top left) drews lots of oohs and aahs from the crowd when it made its dramatic entrance! The multi-feathered headdress provided the perfect crowning accessory.  Karim Rashid's futuristic print two-piece ensemble (top right) wowed everyone with its bare midriff.  A show-stopper, for sure, was the amazing origami-like dress (lower right) created by Kanner Architects which, as shown here, had people studying it for the entire night.  Taking all this in were fetish clothing and accessory designer Jason  Amirmajdi  of Le Bra Lingerie and Los Angeles fashion designer Elizabeth Michaels (lower left) wearing an outfit she designed -- they are standing in front of an intricately-constructed piece by architect David Hertz which attracted attention with its interesting use of architectural materials.
Photos by Greg Firlotte