Monday, March 12, 2012

Art + Fashion at A+D = Celebrate: The Wearable

ART + FASHION AT A+D = CELEBRATE: THE WEARABLE -- Suspended animation: Visual artist Rebecca Niederlander's "Hoops and Loops and Humps and Jumps" outfit was one of the many hits of the evening with its lyrical jangle of plastic-coated copper conduit wire -- some of it found in the back of an old hardware store, and some of it "whisked" from a well-known home building chain store.  Says the artist, "Each element in the work exists as a place-holder, carrying a lifetime’s worth of experience and information to and from connected instances." The male model in the upper right photo was giving quite a show as well with a sandwich board outfit created by Belgium-born mural artist/designer Art of Chase who used the 19th century form of street advertising to convey his message: "the intent of my work is to promote dialogue, to provide affirmations or to cause a smile," he says -- and this outfit certainly caused many a smile, for sure!  The red plastic hat/wig (lower right) from Los Angeles architects Predock_Frane was clever in that it was moldable to create an array of looks for its wearer.
Photos by Greg Firlotte