Sunday, February 19, 2012

Palm Springs: The Other Side of the Riviera

PALM SPRINGS: THE OTHER SIDE OF THE RIVIERA -- Studio of Style spent this weekend in Palm Springs in search of art, art & more art (in celebration of the Palm Springs Modernism Week events) -- but as you can see by these photos taken yesterday, there was more than art on our mind!!  Hitting one gallery after another, plus design shops and clothing boutiques (we even ran into our longtime friend, the stylish Michael McDonald who can be found at Trina Turk!) -- we needed some excitement and relaxation under the desert sun (how's that one, huh?) so there was only one obvious choice: the Riviera Palm Springs Resort (a tip from another longtime friend Jamie Adler!). With Seattle guests John and Marilyn in the entourage, we were given a choice table poolside at the hotel's fabulous Circa 59 restaurant.  Ever since the Riviera first opened in 1959, it was popular with all the "Rat Pack" gang,  not to mention Elvis, Desi Arnaz and Sonny and Cher to name but a few!  The new Riviera was unveiled in 2008 and it has recaptured all the glitz and glamour that one would expect of a true Palm Springs classic hotel -- the interiors are oh-so-wonderful that you are bedazzled at every turn.  But wait, kids -- there's even more -- and that's where Studio of Style comes in!  The place to be at the Riviera is poolside -- day or night -- trust us on this one!!  With a great DJ spinning live for us (we loved his mix of new and old dance classics!), private cabanas with vintage Palm Springs photos and a chic dining setup as the Circa 59 restaurant extends from indoors to poolside -- you will be in another world as you have great food and cocktails while watching a great mix of people of all types and ages who also know that being poolside at the Riviera is where it's happening (but you would never know it by seeing the unassuming white brick walls on the streetside that there was a fabulous scene going on just over the wall!!).  Our stir-fry flatbread pizza and beef stroganoff open-face sandwich and those unbelievable fries (shown here) were washed down with beer and iced tea -- making for the perfect way to enjoy all the vintage goodies presented during Modernism Week.  When's the last time you had a Palm Springs weekend?  Try it!
Photos by Greg Firlotte/Marilyn Firlotte
Special Thanks to John & Marilyn Firlotte