Sunday, May 6, 2012

That Fabulously Mad Hatter: Philip Treacy Comes to Town!

THAT FABULOUSLY MAD HATTER: PHILIP TREACY COMES TO TOWN -- Wow!! Where do we begin when the world's most famous milliner Philip Treacy (above, lower right) comes to the West Hollywood showroom of Christopher Guy to put a fantastic cap to that most British of all events to happen each year in L.A. -- BritWeek!!  Last night, hundreds of incredibly stylish types filled Christopher Guy's spanking brand new uber-chic showroom for the BritWeek Design Award Ceremony (see more below) where a panel of judges selected a winner and a runner up.  The award ceremony was followed by the most amazing fashion show of Treacy's hats that had the entire audience oohing and ahhing and craning their necks and weilding their iPhones and cameras as the dazzling parade of hats wound their way through the press of flesh -- and what glamorous flesh it was too!  With Architectural Digest as the lead sponsor, you know that the event was designed to put everyone over the moon -- and it certainly did! Veuve Clicquot champagne flowed all night and sleek, shiny Jaguar automobiles lined the curb in front of the showroom.  More photos below....
All photos by Greg Firlotte