Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Cover Story: Annie Kelly & Tim Street-Porter!

COVER STORY: ANNIE KELLY & TIM STREET-PORTER! -- L.A. certainly has its share of "power couples" -- and author/decorator/magazine editor Annie Kelly and her husband, the masterful photographer Tim Street-Porter is certainly among the most inspiring, loving and most gracious that Studio of Style continues to have the pleasure of knowing over the years.  Together in that rare chemistry found among "artistic" couples, Annie and Tim bring together words and images in the perfect combination  (she writes, he shoots) for their collaborative series of books -- six for Rizzoli (love it!!) and one for Stewart, Tabori and Chang -- that have created a style vocabulary all their own and which have been referred to over and over by both the design community and just plain lovers of elegant design (that would include all of us!).  Tonight (May 22), we caught up with Annie and Tim -- shown in the above photo -- at the Hollywood at Home showroom on La Cienega Boulevard in Los Angeles -- just minutes before Annie's book-signing for the new "Rooms to Inspire by the Sea" got underway! (We love the wonderful textiles and furnishings created by the showroom founder Peter Dunham.  Be sure to stop by the shop and pick up a copy of the book, okay?)  Annie's design projects and the feature stories she's authored have appeared in the who's who of magazines around the globe -- and Tim's own series of books on the architectural and design landscape of Los Angeles have long been admired by the architectural community worldwide. The couple's circle of friends reads like an A-list in the worlds of literature, art, photography, acting and style -- but it's all of those A-listers who regard Annie and Tim as being the celebrated ones! Generous and giving in all that they do, we at Studio of Style applaud this dynamic duo.  PS -- the best part about the book-signing tonight at Hollywood at Home is that we arrived early enough to see just Tim and Annie alone on the sidewalk -- Tim with camera in hand, snapping away at Annie alongside her announcement signage in front of the showroom -- a true L.A. moment that we got to savor!!
Photo of Annie Kelly and Tim Street-Porter by Greg Firlotte