Friday, January 27, 2012

Unforgettable: Oliver M. Furth

UNFORGETTABLE: OLIVER M. FURTH -- Leave it to one of our favorite L.A. designers Oliver M. Furth to create a vignette that has lingered in our craw for almost two years!  Yes, kids, that's a long time to be doting on a space that no longer exists -- but you know how we at Studio of Style love to be fixated on something fabulous!  You see, it was May of 2010 and we were strolling the streets of L.A. during the annual "Legends of La Cienega" design event and one of the dozens of temporary window displays caught our eye and we just had to know more.  When we learned it was Furth's interpretation of the classic film "The Fountainhead" by the incredible author Ayn Rand, we were duly impressed.  Rand's book chronicles the plight of young, idealist architect Howard Roark who would rather struggle in obscurity than compromise his individualistic vision -- luckily for us, Furth has to do neither! (Remember our report on his recent Maison de Luxe showcase house room we posted on December 3, 2011?)  Furth's individualistic vision of Roark's office is a visual treasure trove of clever ideas -- we love the shredded paper "shag" rug, the Jetson-like angled desk, the uber-artsy mobile fashioned from photos, magazine pages, odds and ends and what have you, and what really put us over the moon was the blueprint wallpaper made from the real deal.  The funky ceramics, mod chair, vintage black and white photos and stacks of books complete this super scene that we wish was our workspace.  So now you know why we've hung on to this photo for as long as we did -- because this vignette is so fabulous with its array of objets in a delicious creative clutter that only Furth seems to pull off time and again.  Next time, we promise  not to wait so long, okay?
Photo by Greg Firlotte