Friday, January 27, 2012

Prints Charming....and Then Some: Society6

PRINTS CHARMING....AND THEN SOME: SOCIETY 6 -- Since you can't put that Damien Hirst piece you've been eyeing for some time on a layaway plan, there is something that is even better (hint, hint -- contemporary art that you can actually afford) and that something is called Society6, an online resource based in Redondo Beach, California started by three cool guys named Justin Cooper, Lucas Tirigall and Justin Wills who bring together the artwork of artists from all over the world and offer it in the form of art prints (framed or not), stretched canvases, iPhone cases, laptop and iPad skins, iPhone and iPod skins, hoodies, t-shirts and gift cards!  We at Studio of Style were absolutely amazed at the thousands of images of all types, styles and genres -- of which the artists control the rights and set their own pricing -- and of which you are the beneficiary when it comes to selecting how you want to have it in your life.  Society6 uses natural white 100% cotton rag and archival paper and an advanced dry ink method to produce the art prints -- all done with the latest generation of digital printers.  Go to the website, click on "art prints" and then click on "new" -- just to get a sense of the wide array of photography, illustrations, collage and other media that you can order as prints.  It really is a clever, clever way to collect works from artists are both well-established as well as up and coming.  For example, we just love the fantastical imagination of Muxxi (top left: "Let Me Show You a Nice Trick") -- a young lady living in Guatemala who has a way with color, shape and whimsy.  Her surreal and strange world is populated with both human and animal characters that we wish were somehow real!  Another vivid imagination belongs to Jordan Speer (top right: "Cape Cannibal") whose series of sinister military-industrial contraptions intrigue us with their detailed construction and rich colorations.  Then there's Chris "Powerpig" McVeigh (bottom right: "Glory Days" detail) who mixes Lego and Hasbro Star Wars figures to create his self-described "bizarre world" that looks rather normal to us (but then, everything does!).  Next up, Amsterdam resident Andreas Preis checks in with his own brand of surrealism (bottom left: "Bad Frank Lynn") that encompasses illustration, drawing and graphic design.  If you've got some bare walls (or  iPhone or laptop) that need a shot of color and something different, then head to Society6 to get your own creative juices flowing!
All artwork is copyrighted by each respective artist and is used courtesy of Society6