Friday, January 20, 2012

Paragon of Style: Bobby Trendy

PARAGON OF STYLE: BOBBY TRENDY -- Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you the one and only, the world renowned Bobby Trendy.  But wait, kids -- it's not the Bobby Trendy you think you know -- it's the real one!  Before you start writing us letters, just keep reading!  As most of you stylish things already know, he came to fame on television by way of The Anna Nicole Show in 2002 -- and over the course of the show we got to witness the shenanigans between Bobby and the late buxom model Anna Nicole Smith -- the most talked about episode (#12, October 27, 2002) being the one in which Smith (with scissors in hand)  shreds the pink silk headboard of the bed designed by Bobby for Smith's all-pink bedroom.  In true, restrained Trendy style, he retorted, "I thought that Anna was classier than that. That kind of behavior is normally viewed at the Los Angeles zoo!"  And class is what Bobby is and has always been about -- and we at Studio of Style should know -- we've been friends with this truly fashionable original for many, many years and have been up close and personal with him on many an occasion.  In fact, it was only two days ago that we got the opportunity to watch him in action -- in front of the cameras once again -- when a film crew from the German television network RTL came to the West Hollywood showroom of Phyllis Morris to do an interior design segment for its popular entertainment show Punkt 12. Bobby was aglitter in sequins and tulle and proceeded to give the cameras what they always want from him: style, style and more style as only he can deliver it.  And did you know that Bobby is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to design styles, historic periods, materials, finishes and always with an eye for design detail?  At the showroom, he pointed out certain use of materials (lucite, Swarovski crystals and patent leather for example) and explained how they all work together to create a distinctive look for sofas and chairs (the film crew was surprised to hear the extent of Bobby's design expertise flow so eloquently during the two-hour shoot -- they were expecting just a colorful mannequin perhaps?).  Studio of Style asked him -- what is glamour? And what advice do you have for our audience? "Glamour is about you and what you think is glamorous -- not what others tell you it is," says Bobby.  "And my message to all the readers of Studio of Style is to be you and everything after that will fall into place!"  So, kids, the next time you see Bobby out nightclubbing, design shopping or sipping cool cocktails at some super lunch spot around Hollywood, be sure to blow a stylish kiss from us to him, okay?
Bobby Trendy photographed January 18, 2012 at Phyllis Morris showroom by Greg Firlotte