Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tile Style

TILE STYLE: Listen up, kids.  We all love tile -- especially when its handmade, unique and clever.  And that's exactly what you get from the extremely clever Linda Ellett, founder of L'esperance Handmade Tile and Pottery in upstate New York.  In fact, her work is among the best we've encountered in a long time.  She says, "I've always liked to play in the mud....but when my first glazed piece came out of the kiln I was hooked - 4th grade to be exact!  What did I make? An ashtray for my Gram Collopy inscribed with the words "don't smoke" (!) and a guitar as a tribute to my fav new band - the Beatles!"  Hey, with a bio like that (and knowing someone named Gram Collopy), what's not to love about her incredible tiles?  STYLE TIP: These tiles will make a space truly different.  Imagine her Inuit fish, frogs or water lily tiles in a bathroom; or the Cheshire Cat or mushrooms as part of the kitchen backsplash; acorns and squirrels around the library fireplace.  Ellett would be happy to work with you on your special design schemes.  FINAL NOTE:  Think outside the tile box.  Why be traditional when you can be original??