Saturday, October 29, 2011

La Dolce Vita: Luggage Labels

LA DOLCE VITA: They conjure up all the romance of the golden era of travel.  Those colorful little square, rectangles, circles and triangles are miniature moments in time that still transport us to exotic places that offer exotic smells, tastes and adventures.  Palm trees swaying in balmy breezes, tranquil lakeside vistas, grand architecture.  STYLE TIPS: Luggage labels are among the best collectibles, price-wise, and they can be used in numerous decorative ways.  Yes, they look great on vintage luggage and steamer trunks, but you could create a flat mirror surround with them, or put them beneath a glass tabletop, or fill a scrapbook as well that would be a great hand-me-down to loved ones.  Or perhaps you just might be inspired by their fabulous color schemes to design a room around it?  FINAL NOTE:  Give in to your inner wanderlust and take another look at these gems of yesteryear.
Collage by Greg Firlotte