Friday, October 21, 2011

Man About Town

MAN ABOUT TOWN: On any given night, artist Septerhed can be found traversing the streets of Los Angeles pasting his unique style of graphics on telephone poles, utility boxes, sides of buildings and wherever he can.  Hey, kids, it's tough for a street artist to be taken seriously -- but a recent solo exhibit for Septerhed at Hold Up Art gallery in downtown L.A. gave the artist's many followers an opportunity to see his work up close and personal instead of from behind the wheel of an automobile cruising along Melrose or La Brea avenues.  In fact, I was intrigued by Septerhed's art enough to stop my car near the intersection of Melrose and Fairfax avenues, get out and study his wheat-pasted art in detail one Sunday morning.  Even more intriguing was learning that his website offers very well-priced serigraphs that are bold and colorful -- and truly clever in their artistic delivery, mixing words and graphics that make a statement about society.  STYLE TIP: Rather than put up predictable blah blah blah artwork on your walls, why not blow your friends' minds with a vivid display of street art?  Start googling street artists and learn their styles, where they're showing (you'd be surprised at how many exhibits you can attend of street art) and start to build a collection before others snap it all up.  FINAL NOTE: Street art is dynamic and filled with restless energy.  Get out more often and enjoy these free artistic roadside attractions.