Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Gaga Over Lulu

GAGA OVER LULU: She was the style icon of her era and her famed bob hairstyle came to symbolize a free-spirited era during the heyday of silent films in the 1920s.  Louise Brooks starred in 17 films altogether, but it was in the 1929 German film Pandora's Box directed by Georg Wilhelm Pabst where Brooks really shone as the lead character Lulu who was a loose sexual cannon and was even one of the screen's first portrayal of a lesbian.  Wowza!  But it was that hair!  Did you know that Liza Minnelli styled her "do" for Cabaret after Brooks at the suggestion of her famed film director father Vincent Minnelli?  Uh huh.  And thousands of sweet young things wore the bob hair style during those "roaring twenties" -- their visual way of sweeping away the past and welcoming in the twentieth century with a fashion bang.  Just look at Brooks' composure, her posture, her eyes, her hands, her everything.  STYLE TIP: Do you feel comfortable with a certain look?  Can you assemble an ensemble of hair, makeup, clothes, shoes, accessories and jewelry that make you unique and as fabulous as possible?  How do you sit? Walk? Talk? Consider these as part of your style!  FINAL NOTE: You don't need to be famous to exude style in whatever you do and wherever you go.  People will notice, believe me.