Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Come Fly with Me

COME FLY WITH ME: Big but slim (4" x 3" x 3/8"), this antiqued silver metal case from Cosmic Firefly in Las Vegas is the perfect traveling companion to hold your cash, credit cards or, if you got 'em, cigarettes.   Made from heavy gauge brass (and not flimsy tin), this handcrafted case is among the many cool fashion accessories and super cool jewelry made by BA and NAY (yes, kids) -- two ladies who started Cosmic Firefly as a creative outlet for their vintage, nautical, steampunk, Victorian and just plain weird objets to make all of our fashionable lives all the more interesting.  (By the way, BA loves almond milk on cereal and hoards scissors, while NAY loves vegan cooking and decoding the universe.  Sounds like our kind of gals!).  STYLE TIP:  For 48 well-spent bucks, you can impress everyone at the next social function when you whip out this case to retrieve your business cards.  I suppose you could buy your card case at one of those retail box stores...but why would you want to do that???  FINAL NOTE:  Think globally, buy locally (and if NAY does decode the universe, let's hope she tells Studio of Style what she finds out and we'll publish it here first).