Friday, October 14, 2011

Embrace the Moment

EMBRACE THE MOMENT: Okay kids, so you may never have heard of Nancy Cunard.  Frankly neither did I for the longest time.  But now that I've caught up with the rest of the cognoscenti, you can be too.  She was one helluva gal.  She was a muse, a writer, an heiress, a political writer and spent a great deal of her life fighting racism and fascism.  She wasn't a designer and had nothing to do with decor or architecture.  But what she had plenty of was style -- original style.  And that was what alienated her from many of her peers.  Cunard was fearless in her beliefs -- sorta like you and me, huh?  Her beliefs led to threats and hate mail -- some of which she published in a book to point out the ignorance she found in society.  STYLE TIP: See the wealth of African bracelets, her artistic repose and the dramatic angle of her arms?  Now that's style, kids! Cunard's inner fortitude became what was manifested on the outside.  And you know what?  That doesn't cost a cent.  But it's not something you can buy either.  What makes you strong? Determined? Devoted to an ideal?  Can you wear that on your sleeve, coat, dress or cape?  FINAL NOTE: Embrace the real you -- the unreal part of you is pretty much out of style anyway.