Friday, April 20, 2012

Simplicity, Mystery and Challenge: The World of Glass Maestro Shimon Peleg

SIMPLICITY, MYSTERY AND CHALLENGE: THE WORLD OF GLASS MAESTRO SHIMON PELEG -- From his studio in the heart of the ancient Upper Galilee countryside in Israel, Shimon Peleg lovingly tends to his mango orchard. All around him, the rugged landscape, the expanse of the blue sky and the echoes of history call to him, inspiring him all the more when he steps inside his glass studio (top left) to create the unique style of glass that has brought him international renown for his lighting fixtures, stained glass murals, sinks, vitrage, tiles and much more.  Says Peleg, "Glass is a material with simplicity, mystery and challenge. My challenge is to lead glass into unique colors and shapes while keeping the qualities, originality and transparency of the materials." Of course, we at Studio of Style would love to venture to the Galilee to see this maestro in action -- but luckily for everyone in Los Angeles, we only need to venture down to Beverly Boulevard's design-shop-filled district where the Light in Art showroom holds a vast array of items by Peleg for uses in all areas of the home and beyond.  Showroom director and interior designer Michelle Krief will give you a tour of Peleg's creations -- and show you how one-of-a-kind pieces can be commissioned, which is a specialty of the showroom that also presents an opportunity to bring something singularly distinctive into your world using color, form and the quality of light as a transformative element. Among the items at the showroom, we love Noga (top right) with its cluster of suspended cubes; the colorful Drops pendant (center left); and the custom black/gold sink (bottom) which also comes in range of sizes and colors. Peleg's work can be seen in clubs, bars, restaurants, cinemas, synagogues and temples around the globe, specified by some of the top design professionals. But you don't have to be a designer or architect to visit the Light in Art showroom -- Krief welcomes all who love the simplicity and mystery of glass that has fascinated and inspired Peleg over the years.
Photos courtesy Light in Art