Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Angeleno + Saks + Men of Style = Fabulous!

ANGELENO + SAKS + MEN OF STYLE = FABULOUS!  There was never a lack of sweets, treats and libations to be had at the Men of Style celebration sponsored by Angeleno magazine at the men's store of Saks Fifth Avenue in Beverly Hills.  In fact, we fell in love with those indescribably delicious chocolates from Madame Chocolat located on Canon Drive in Beverly Hills (located just a couple of steps north of our favorite restaurant of all time Spago!) -- and we were treated by the high priestess of chocolate herself, Hasty Torres (shown above) who is a chocolatier renowned -- and now we know why! Her mouth-watering confections turned us into a choco-holic by night's end (and we savored every moment!). Please pop into her shop and say hello for us, okay?  Other offerings included a Chivas tasting (yum!); an amazing assortment of wine from Sonoma County Vintners; lots of Smartwater (double yum!); coffee galore from Demitasse; plus hors d'oeuvres, bar bites and treats from Ammo, Batch, First & Hope and Sadie.  At the end of the Men of Style event, we made our way into the Beverly Hills night filled with memories of one heckuva party!
All photos by Greg Firlotte