Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Angeleno + Saks + Men of Style = Fabulous!

ANGELENO + SAKS + MEN OF STYLE = FABULOUS!  We had to keep pinching ourselves last night at the Men of Style celebration sponsored by Angeleno magazine at Saks Fifth Avenue in Beverly Hills -- why, you ask?  Because we couldn't believe our ears -- thanks to the fantastic sounds coming from DJ Caroline D'Amore (below left) who transformed this men's clothing store into the chic-est private club ever! Not only is Ms. D'Amore one of the sweetest ladies we've met in a long time, but she is rocking the clubs of America with her special brand of music (we played her CD last night in the car all the way home to keep the club vibe going -- we didn't want the evening to end). L.A.'s Artisan House (whose slogan is "Break bread. Share wine. Feed the soul.") kept our souls comforted with an amazing cheese board (above center) and we kept going back for more (shhhh...don't tell anyone) it was that delicious!  Keep reading below for more....
All photos by Greg Firlotte