Monday, April 9, 2012

The Expanding World of Dror: The Tumi Collection

THE EXPANDING WORLD OF DROR: THE TUMI COLLECTION -- At Studio of Style, we love the thoroughly modern as much as we love the traditional -- and thus you can see why we've always been a big fan of the no-holds-barred modernist designer Dror Benshetrit and everything he has produced from his Studio Dror in New York City.  We first featured him and his Tron Chair for Alessi back in November 2011 -- and now we want to let you know about his appearance on April 16, 2012 in Milan, Italy when he unveils the absolutely fabulous new collection of transformative luggage and bags for Tumi at MOST (the Museum of Science and Technology).  As Dror puts its, "TransForm follows function" when it came to creating this unique collection that includes an expandable carry-on, expandable 4-wheel cases, a backpack, briefcase, messenger bag, cross-body bag, a travel satchel and a travel kit -- all of which can be transformed by how you use it (and it's all absolutely nifty looking too with its sleek styling, materials and colors).  “I was very inspired by the challenge of improving the traveling experience and bringing together style, elegance and performance within the design of our bags," says Dror.  "I am always about adaptability and the non-static character of objects.  I wanted to make these Dror for Tumi bags a 'transformative' extension of ourselves.  For instance, the backpack can become a briefcase or a tote as you fold in or out the different optional handles.  I essentially set about designing for myself -- I'm constantly on the go, carrying different things and switching modes of transportation -- from an iPad to gym clothes, from the work day to the night out, between quick business trips and the all-too-rare vacation, in and out of airports or speeding across town on my motorcycle."  Wow! We love that! And you can view the video below to see that hective but creative lifestyle of Dror's that explains how this new bag collection really makes sense for today's traveler.  And when you're in Milan on April 16, you can see the luggage and the bags in a dramatic installation created by London-based theater director Jules Wright.  The collection is the results of 18 months of research and development between Dror and the team from Tumi as they challenged, questioned and pushed the boundaries on what the bag-carrying and traveling experience is really about nowadays.  In essence, Dror has made it possible for us to expand, morph and transform our lives with stylish ease.  On his website, you can check out the other amazingly modern items by Dror that just might inspire you to reexamine the look, feel and touch of the world around you!
All images courtesy Studio Dror