Saturday, December 31, 2011

Scent-sational! Timothy Jay Candles

SCENT-SATIONAL! TIMOTHY JAY CANDLES:  When Studio of Style caught up with Timothy Jay Sullivan yesterday, he was just returning from delivering "Pagoda" scented candles he had specially prepared for the President's Ball for the 123rd Pasadena Tournament of Roses!  In fact, he was so busy this past holiday season, it was a whirlwind of events and special orders for this master candle maker to the stars (a title that he truly earned over the years).  Working from his studio on a side street in West Hollywood, California, Sullivan still handcrafts each and every candle, not to mention creating the boxes, designing the labels, selecting the ribbons and tissues and overseeing the assembly and packing of each one -- something which he has done since creating his first batch of candles in a double boiler in his West Hollywood kitchen in 1997 (his first scent "Celadon" with its sensuous blend of cypress and Hawaiian tuberose is still one of his biggest sellers today!).  Some of the top names in Hollywood and the design world (Kathryn M. Ireland! Monika Chiang!) call upon Sullivan to create exclusive scents just for them (we can't tell you every name due to confidentiality, but recently he made candles for one of THE biggest personalities on television -- as well as candles for one of rock 'n roll's BIGGEST bands!).  Not only celebrities, but corporations (Qatar Airways, among many) and charitable organizations (Habitat for Humanity, for example) find the soothing scents from Sullivan the right gift for their clientele.  Making more than 40 private label candles for his international client base, Sullivan is equally busy sniffing out new fragrances and concepts and is always in touch with the world's major fragrance houses -- and if you can't find the candle scent of your dreams, ask Sullivan to make it for you -- after all, his nose knows!