Thursday, December 8, 2011

Double Delight: Studio Lilesadi

DOUBLE DELIGHT: STUDIO LILESADI -- Dinah Smutny (left) is inspired by experimental cooking, reading a good book and enjoying the spring sun shining on a balcony.  As for Sarah Smutny (right), she loves to play the guitar, backpack and read Spiegel magazines.  Together, these twin sisters share the same passion for bringing a sense of pureness and poesy into one's everyday chaotic life with the truly unique designs they create for Studio Lilesadi, the company they founded in February of 2011 (super!!) in Rotterdam, The Netherlands (we love it!!).  With "Stellar" and "Blooming Forest" among their new collection of wallpapers, Dinah and Sarah are always inspired by floral motifs, but they have a fun and unique way of de-romanticizing them and transforming their essence into mostly large-scale abstractions that make the viewer do a delightful double take.  The sisters translate these designs and their passion for all things modern into textiles, illustrations, accessories and woven structures as well.  Originally hailing from Germany, both sisters studied in Italy -- Dinah in Florence; and Sarah in Bolzano and, later, Rotterdam where the two decided to set up shop where they have since entered into a design partnership for their wallpapers with Photowall based in Sweden.  They describe their style as "a fusion between floral and graphic, minimal and poetic."  However one describes it, we at Studio of Style love it and look forward to hearing more about this dynamic sister act that has now officially become a part of the global design scene!
Images courtesy Lilesadi