Friday, December 16, 2011

The Life Aquatic: Antoinette Faragallah

THE LIFE AQUATIC: ANTOINETTE FARAGALLAH -- Inspired by the ocean life she experiences while scuba diving, Los Angeles-based ceramic artist Antoinette Faragallah transforms the soothing colors, organic forms and distinctive organisms that abound in the Pacific Ocean into highly-textured clay pieces which utilize various glazes and oxides to impart both natural and metallic appearances.  She admits that when working with clay, she allows her subconscious to take over and connect the "creative dots" that take her to another place -- "almost like being in childhood," says Faragallah. The results are among the most fascinating of artworks that bring the viewer into the ocean's briny depths in such pieces as the fabulous "Tentacles" lamp (center), the large "Orb" sculpture (left) and the vessel-like "Coral" sculpture (right) -- we love it!  To see more of Faragallah's work in Los Angeles, one can stop by Gray Gallery where a unique mingling of artists, ceramicists and jewelers come together under the curatorial eye of Chahan Minassian (a Parisian interior design and gallery owner) and jewelry designer Vram Minassian.  It was in 2004 that Faragallah began studying ceramics, adding hand-built clay items to her thrown and altered pieces.  She loves hearing her "quiet self" while working -- and we at Studio of Style have to say that we admire the quietly elegant aquatic beauty found in Faragallah's finished works.