Saturday, December 3, 2011

Crystals, Stars, Soldiers and Toys

CRYSTALS, STARS, SOLDIERS AND TOYS:  It was one of those nights in Hollywood where you had to pinch yourself to believe that it was real.  The courtyard of the Crystalarium on Melrose Avenue was jam-packed this past Tuesday with people of all ages and walks of life who came with toys in hand to support the efforts of the American Soldier Network toy drive to brighten the holidays of children of our fallen American heroes.  Everywhere you turned were the proud men and women of our armed services looking splendid in their uniforms, plus celebrities, an assortment of beautiful people, fabulous food and live music -- and inside the shop, crystals from around the world sparkled!  Father and son actors Ed Callison and Zach Callison (above right), singer Temara Melek and actress Jennessa Rose (above left) and many more from that fabulous world of show business mixed and mingled with the crowd on that beautiful star-lit evening.  We'd like to thank the award-winning website and graphics designer Kinga Dow who invited us to be a part of the event!
Zach Callison:
Ed Callison:
Jennessa Rose:
All Photos by Greg Firlotte