Saturday, December 3, 2011

Now Open: Maison de Luxe

NOW OPEN: MAISON DE LUXE -- Tasty, tasty, tasty!  There is so much to love about these rooms --not that they were designed by such top-notch talents as Nathan Turner (top photo) or Oliver Furth (bottom photo) -- but that these spaces exemplify the range and depth of what's possible in a room with just four walls!  Turner's rich use of materials, patterns, colors, textures and space planning is just the best -- while Furth's fun art-filled take on a girl's bedroom (what, you say??) is just simply bold and unexpected -- exactly what we always expect from Mr. Furth!  Get your tickets now if you haven't already done so.  Maison de Luxe ends on December 22!
Photos by Greg Firlotte