Sunday, January 27, 2013

LA Art Show 2013: Hiroko Tsuchida Reflects on Infinite Possibilities

LA ART SHOW 2013: HIROKO TSUCHIDA REFLECTS ON INFINITE POSSIBILITIES -- The 18th Annual Los Angeles Art Show, presented by The Palm Beach Show Group at the Los Angeles Convention Center, has brought the world of the arts to the doorsteps of Angelino citizens -- there is so much to see and do, learn about and explore in the realms of historic, modern and contemporary art that one's head is turning at every aisle intersection to take in the colors, mediums and range of pieces being displayed. One of the best aspects of the show is the participation of galleries from China, Korea and Japan which alerts us here in L.A. about what is going on across the great Pacific and finally see up close and personal what the booming Asian art market is all about. One of the many highlights at the show for Studio of Style came quite by surprise! We came upon a lovely young lady sitting in a chair, seemingly chained to a large piece of mirrored jewelry -- and we didn't know what to think.  But as we studied her more closely, we realized that she was a living art piece -- still, silent and with an intense gaze peering into her giant mirrored medallion.  We learned that she is Japanese artist Hiroko Tsuchida and that she has a lot to say -- by saying nothing at all. So we stood there, along with the fairgoers and pondered what she was indeed attempting to say with her artistic silence. Not only is Tsuchida an award-winning jewelry designer in her native Japan, but she is also adept at creating large-scale conceptual artworks that are most impressive indeed. So let's hear what she is saying about her conceptual piece as presented on the floor of the LA Art Show.  "Jewelry acts as a mirror where I can see more than my reflection. I see my true self. Something so small and delicate like jewelry can leave a huge impression and is a powerful tool of my self-expression. When I wear my jewelry, it is a big part of me expressing who I am. By wearing this large necklace and anchoring it to the ground, I'm forced to view myself objectively from common eyes. It is like me dressed in a silver frame. There are many thoughts in the world that are pointed or rounded. I wonder what the world sees when I wear my jewelry. How do I look from the ground? We as human beings have infinite possibilities. We can change our perspective of the world and ourselves by using our hands and creating something new. I hope that you can look at yourself differently now with a new perspective and look at your reflection in others." Very interesting, Ms. Tsuchida. The next time we gaze into a mirror, we will be thinking of you!

Hiroko Tsuchido:
LA Art Show:
Photos by Greg Firlotte