Friday, January 4, 2013

It's a Greco-Roman Holiday with Compas Stone and Tiles

IT'S A GRECO-ROMAN HOLIDAY WITH COMPAS STONE AND TILES -- Aaahhh...the Mediterranean! If there's one place we at Studio of Style love to be (other than our fabulous Hollywood, of course!) it's the warm, sun-drenched climes of that birthplace of those three great ancient cultures: Egypt, Greece and Rome. And it seems that there is no one in that also-sunny locale known as Los Angeles who knows more about the rich history of those ancient times in terms of architectural styles and details than the wonderful folks at Compas on La Cienega Boulevard (the setting for the annual Legends of La Cienega design event).  Using L.A. as their home base for more than 30 years, Compas has become the go-to expert on all things relating to stone and tile hailing from the Mediterranean region -- and walking into their La Cienega showroom is like taking a journey back to another day and time when artisans and craftsmen produced functional works of art from marble, limestone, terra cotta and ceramics for both inside and outside the home.  One of the company's specialties is finding only the finest specimens of reclaimed antique floor and wall tiles in majolica, limestone, terra cotta and marble that bring the authentic air of rusticity and timelessness to today's home -- be it modern, traditional or transitional. As you (our ever-stylish reader) know about us, we love to bring you the inside scoop on our reports -- and we can say that we at Studio of Style have actually accompanied Compas on a jaunt to the South of France and saw them firsthand scouring the countryside for amazing materials to bring to their longtime and very loyal clientele who demand and receive only the best of the best.  And one thing about reclaimed limestone and marble is that nothing from the Mediterranean ever goes to waste -- which means the stones offered from Compas may have very well had their beginnings in ancient palaces, churches, villas or just simple farm houses -- trodden over the centuries by who knows? All of this adds another level of enjoyment and intrigue to the company's products -- and we love that! Compas also offers a tasty array of fireplace surrounds, sinks, countertops, faucetry items and other items such as statues, fountains, columns and much more to add just the perfect touch to whatever room in or outside of your home that needs something fabulous -- which means that the Mediterranean is closer to you than you think! "I found Rome a city of bricks...and left it a city of marble," said ancient Roman Emperor Augustus. So what will you do with your bricks?  Why not transform them into a beautiful and functional marble-clad wonder by way of Compas?
Images courtesy Compas