Sunday, July 1, 2012

Tiki Madness Hits Tinseltown! The Art of Brad "Tiki Shark" Parker...and more!

TIKI MADNESS HITS TINSELTOWN! THE ART OF BRAD "TIKI SHARK" PARKER -- At Studio of Style, we're crazy for anything tiki...and you can't get any more crazy or tiki than the amazing, colorful and over-the-top Polynesian Pop Surrealistic art of Brad Parker -- that lovable character from Hawaii whose imagination has run amok to create a world that combines all things tiki with comic-book styling, all done with a timeless sense of humor.  On Friday evening, July 6, 2012, Parker invades the Mainland with his unique brand of artwork (many of which has already been pre-sold) and a grand opening at the famed La Luz de Jesus gallery in the heart of Hollywood.  As Parker puts it, "My art is my personal celebration of a foolish misinterpretation of an ancient mythology that sought to solve the mystery of 'the breath of life' that eternally and precariously surfs the complete expanse between the bottomless sea and the floating shadow land of preexistence in the inconceivable heights of the sky, not just to live, but to live 'aloha'."  We couldn't have said it any better, Mr. Parker!  At the gallery opening, you'll be able to say "aloha" not only to Parker, but also to native Hollywood artist Miles Thompson who shares the bill with Parker with his new body of gouache-on-illustration-board works "Warm Fuzzies, Cold Prickles" which is an "epitaph for the oceans and forests" rendered in very small but highly detailed imagery. And should you happen to miss the July 6 opening, you're very much welcomed to attend the closing reception on Sunday July 29 where you'll be treated to a live performance by the Martini Kings (that jazzy-retro-exotica-bossa nova-cocktail lounge music combo) who'll be performing selections from their newest vinyl LP release "Palm Springs Serenade" (with its cool cover art by the famed Shag!!) -- wow, you can't miss that!  That's why you gotta stick with Studio of Style to find out the really fun happening things in Hollywood, okay?  So hang loose, dig out your Hawaiian shirt and knock back some cool Mai-Tai drinks in the meanwhile!!
Images courtesy La Luz de Jesus Gallery