Saturday, July 7, 2012

Dwell on Design Report #3: The Time is Right for Timeline!

DWELL ON DESIGN REPORT #3: THE TIME IS RIGHT FOR TIMELINE!  We at Studio of Style almost couldn't believe our eyes when we came upon the Timeline booth at the Dwell on Design exhibition held this past June in downtown Los Angeles -- it was as if we'd finally found a dream come true for anyone who absolutely loves the look of reclaimed wood but without the usual encounters one has in trying to obtain large quantities and the right colors of actual reclaimed wood (more about that in a minute). We immediately had to know more! Was it real wood? Could it be used indoors or out? Was it going to fade, peel or chip?  Company principals Matt Stroud and Shelby Keyser have combined their furniture crafting experience (his) and fashion industry experience (hers) for a product that is now its own new category of lumber products -- who knew? Using their signature color application process obtained through years of extensive experimentation with actual paints that results in nuanced hues and textures (containing low-VOC and water-based materials) on sustainable new wood from Forest Stewardship Council-certified mills in the U.S., the end results meet LEEDS certification and offers a green peace of mind for creating new or rejuvenating existing interiors or exteriors.  What you avoid is having to use old wood that might be harboring lead paint, rot or pests -- but not so with Timeline's floor and wall products available in a choice of 11 custom hues (we love the New Orange shown in the top photo) and in multiple plank widths with three edge choices. Not only that, but Timeline's planks are of unlimited supply (unlike wood reclaimed from old buildings), doesn't split when cut or nailed, stands up to durable cleaning and is shipped nationwide in usually three to five weeks -- wow, you can't beat that! "We draw our inspiration for the colors and finishes from Bauhaus color theorists, such as Josef Albers and Johannes Itten," notes Keyser, "plus contemporary artists like Charles Ray and minimalists Donald Judd and Ellsworth Kelly."    Which means that artistic interiors and exteriors await those who want to go back to the future with new old wood and do it in style with these fabulous new products from Timeline -- yes, it's possible!
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