Monday, July 30, 2012

Man + Dog + Love of Textiles = Zak + Fox

MAN + DOG + LOVE OF TEXTILES = ZAK + FOX -- It was a very cold February morning in lower Manhattan that day at 7:00 AM -- but then, what February morning in New York wouldn't be? And there was only one diesel-powered heater to share between them, but that didn't deter anyone, for there was a mission at hand.  The historic Temple Court building was the location and it was empty and crumbling away in places, which meant that it was the ideal place. And Shinji the dog (that's him in the bottom photo) was wanting to play rather than be serious -- but such is the life of dogs. The available light pouring in from the windows was taken in consideration and carefully watched by the entire crew as morning turned into afternoon and then into evening.  With a cold, raw, industrial space as a backdrop, Zak Profera (that's him with Shinji) brought generous lengths of fabric with him and proceeded to transform the beautifully decaying Temple Court into a surrealistic textile tableau to make a stylistic point about his Zak + Fox collection of Belgian linens that are subtly and thoughtfully colored with water-based inks right here in the USA, utilizing patterns drawn from global inspirations as diverse as Moroccan to Japanese designs, which fits in perfectly with Profera's love of travel, adventure, and all things romantic and tasteful. There are 10 patterns to choose from and Profera offers custom pillows and finished goods to order, so there are 10 good reasons for you to incorporate these distinctively unique textiles into your world for light upholstery, pillows and drapery -- not to mention as a doggy bed like the one Shinji is sitting upon, fabricated from Volubilis (you remember those Roman ruins in Morocco, near Meknes, among which still can be found some fabulous intricate mosaics? Well, those served as inspiration for this fabric!). At Studio of Style, we love Karun, the kinetic-ray sun motif (shown at upper middle right) with its roots in Matahari trade cloth of India brought to Profera's attention by antique textile collector Karun Thakar.  So what parts of the globe will be rediscovered and what cultural treasures will Profera unearth next?  We'll all have to stay tuned to find out.....
Images courtesy Zak + Fox