Saturday, July 14, 2012

Eternal Objects of Desire, Style and Elegance: Murano Glass

ETERNAL OBJECTS OF DESIRE, STYLE AND ELEGANCE: MURANO GLASS -- We at Studio of Style love everything romantic -- and we can't think of anything that exudes the romance of the islands of Venetian Lagoon better than the sheer beauty of Murano glass and the important place it has enjoyed in the history of Italian and European royalty, the rich, the powerful and the wealth of the Venetian empire that dominated the Mediterranean region for centuries.  The luscious red and gold colors so predominant in Venetian culture are equally expressed in the goblets shown here from Seguso Gianni, just one of the many amazing glass masters on the island of Murano that are found on YourMurano -- a website where vases, centerpieces, goblets, mirrors, sculpture, lighting, jewelry and gift items are all gathered under one roof so that all you "armchair travelers" out there can savor the best of Venice anytime of year -- wherever you live. There's so much to say about Venice, Murano and YourMurano, we hardly know where to begin -- but let's start with YourMurano.  Did you know that the company's headquarters are located inside a classic Benedictine monastery dating back to 1481 that has been meticulously restored, including its beautiful frescoes? And that the company brings together the authentic, one-of-a-kind glass products from Murano that are certified as the best of the best and created an e-commerce site to showcase them? And did you know that the glass furnaces on Murano have been continually burning since 1291?  That's more than 700 years of creating glass in the same place (the sparkling "aventurine" glass -- also known as "goldstone" was invented on Murano -- and the glass beads and mirrors from Murano became world famous from the very beginning of their export).  In looking closer at the creations from Seguso Gianni (shown above), you'll see the dolphin -- the maritime symbol of Venice --  rendered into lyrical stems for these goblets (and we love dolphins and the enchantment they bring throughout the Mediterranean!). Not only is Seguso Gianni represented at YourMurano, but also: DIPI; Ercole Moretti; Formia International; Fratelli Tosi; Futura T&B; Gambaro & Poggi; La Perla Veneziana; Pitau; Polychromy; Ragazzi & C; Simone Cenedese; Tiozzo Sergio; and Yalos Murano. If contemporary is your style, then you'll find it here in a wide range of colors and shapes (we love the Uranus "battuto" red glass vase from Gambora & Poggi with its fascinating application of glass canes and other decorative techniques; and the simple, but elegant Atollo centerpiece vase from Formia International that incorporates a spiral design for a unique optical effect!) -- and keep in mind that every piece is unique unto itself, as there are no two Murano glass pieces that are ever alike. And let's not forget the jewelry: we fell head over heels for the magnificent Contarini red and gold necklace from La Perla Veneziana -- you'll feel like the queen of the sea wearing this one, for sure (it's one of our favorites!).  If you can't hop aboard a boat and head to the island of Murano, you at least owe it to yourself to find a glass treasure from this very special place that you can have for your very own, agreed?
Goblet images courtesy YourMurano