Monday, May 13, 2013

Carry On and be Fabulous! A+D Museum Celebrates the Future of Carry-on Luggage

CARRY ON AND BE FABULOUS! A+D MUSEUM CELEBRATES THE FUTURE OF CARRY-ON LUGGAGE -- So, imagine yourself propelled into the future of intergalactic travel...and you don't have a thing to pack your space clothes into! Well, if you were among the hundreds of savvy L.A. insiders who attended the A+D Architecture and Design Museum gala "Celebrate: The Journey" this past Saturday night May 11 on Wilshire Boulevard, then you would have an amazing selection of "luggage" to choose from. The museum (which happens to be the only such national institution dedicated to architecture + design) brought together some of L.A.'s visionary design, architecture, artistic and clever thinkers to create carry-on items -- from suitcases to jetpacks, satchels, strap-ons and very unusual works to represent what future travelers might take with them when jaunting about the universe. And it was an eyeful, for sure! Participants included such luminaries as Kathyrn M. Ireland; Kelly Wearstler; Steven Ehrlich; Craig Hodgetts + Hsinming Fung; David Hertz (747 House); Eric Stultz; Trip Haenisch, Fitzsu; Dan Meis -- and attendees included AIA|LA President Scott Johnson; Deborah Sussman and Paul Prejza; Eames Demetrios; ICM’s Craig Bernstein; HBO’s Cynthia Kanner; industrial designers Carl Magnusson and Emanuela Frattini Magnusson; Catherine and Richard Frinier; Grant Seltzer; designer-developer Billy Lehman; gallerist Timothy Yarger and many, many more. The event was the A+D Museum's annual fundraiser and needless to say, a fabulous time was had by all! So many fun things to see and people to meet at the event: the amazing "Glamb" bag by FORM (above left) is a strap-on with many movable and interactive parts; Minarc Architects provided the most inventive and puzzling item, the conceptual "Aphorism: The Journey is the Reward" in ethereal materials (top left); and the glow-in-the dark mesh bag "Traveler's Cocoon" (center left) by Yazdani Studio of Cannon Design is sensational; and we love the colorful big stripe tote (bottom left) "Voyager Bag" by Kao Pao Shu; and then there is the transparent Lucite suitcase (bottom right) by Erica Islas that is clearly a fusion of vintage and futuristic -- and you gotta love that!
Photos by Greg Firlotte