Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Rain, Rain, Come to Stay! Dornbracht debuts the Revolutionary Horizontal Shower

RAIN, RAIN, COME TO STAY! DORNBRACHT DEBUTS THE REVOLUTIONARY HORIZONTAL SHOWER -- We at Studio of Style just love the rain -- and we never seem to get enough of our share living here in Southern California. But thanks to the folks at Santa Monica-based Snyder Diamond who have been serving the L.A. area for 65 years, we can have lots of beautiful, glorious rain whenever we want! And all it takes is a revolution -- of the nicest kind! It's called the Horizontal Shower and it's from Dornbracht of Germany who continually bring the finest in fittings and accessories for the bath and kitchen -- and the Horizontal Shower is absolutely amazing! Not only is this system stunning to look at because of its six water "bars" recessed into the overhead shower field, or that it incorporates an eTool as the main operating element which allows for custom temperature, intensity and quantity settings and a range of pre-programmed "choreographies" (yes!) -- but it allows for the ultimate experience in showering possible: to recline and simply allow the healing properties of hydrotherapy to balance, energize and de-stress every single part of you that needs serenity, peace and wellness that comes with every rain shower -- love it! So if you are in need of one of those wonderful Vichy showers found in the finest European spas, the Horizontal Shower is the answer for delivering the most precious pampering experience possible. To which all we can say is aaaahhhhhh............
Available through Snyder Diamond: http://snyderdiamond.com