Monday, April 22, 2013

Dinner is Coastal Eco-Friendly Style from Wabisabi Green!

DINNER IS SERVED...IN COASTAL ECO-FRIENDLY STYLE FROM WABISABI GREEN! -- We'd like to say that "she sells shells by the seashore," but that wouldn't be quite true -- however Jolee Pink does sell some fabulous eco-friendly home decor items from the seaside town of Encinitas, California through her company Wabisabi Green that she founded because of her love for the Pacific Ocean, its abundant sea life and the casual California coastal lifestyle that she enjoys to the max. Pink started her career as a graphic designer and eventually turned to working in clay as a way of expressing the natural environment in ceramic objects infused with a fun, organic appeal.  Around 2008 she began producing textiles for throw pillows which were designed especially for her modern ocean-themed living room which was featured in a prominent San Diego magazine.  It was only a natural next step for Pink to create more items for the home and garden -- including place mats, napkins, throw pillows, table runners and ceramic tile art, sculptures and outdoor art furniture. Pink uses GOTS soft organic cotton, soft and fluffy eco fiber that is 100% hypoallergenic and made from recycled plastic bottles rescued from landfills (brava Jolee!) and environmentally-safe water-based inks -- plus she purchases from U.S. based suppliers with a sustainable approach to manufacturing and all her products are handcrafted in Southern California. But what we like best are the bright colors, bold graphics and playful charm that conjures up the sea in a modern, yet timeless way! The napkins, place mats and runners shown here are among our favorites -- making us want to throw a seafood dinner party for no reason at all other than to just enjoy the vibrant designs that Pink has created.  Plus, the company sells reusable "paper" towels made from organic Fair Trade cotton in a fabulous seahorse design.  On top of all this, Pink is debuting her Living Coastal coffee table book this fall that features a blend of food from Southern California chefs with artists who collaborate on maritime-themed entertaining for both indoors and out -- including seafood recipes. Amazing for a lady who was simply in love with the sea and wanted to share this love with others.  Such is the power of a vision and a passion!
All images courtesy Wabisabi Green